CHORUS – A Literary Mixtape

We (all poets) are the voice of the Chorus- like in ancient Greek theater- the chorus was always the voice of the people, the voice of reason, the voice of democracy. This book is simply a way of encouraging ALL POETS to continue voicing ideas, dissent, visions, dreams, and manifestos. Hip Hop once truly represented the voice of the people, however, much of it has been co-opted by capitalistic ideals and values- thus this literary mix tape. The voice of the modern poets, slammers, and spoken word artists is where we now must turn for confirmation of the ideas that shape counter-culture. Not even punk rock is punk rock anymore. But those who do speak up, who do add their voice, their minds and hearts, to the continued struggle to uplift the disenfranchised are ALL part of the CHORUS. Get it? It’s not about who is and isn’t in the book- we could do ten more if we wanted to see more voices represented- the point is that you are all voices of the Chorus. Use this site as your Agora, your amphitheatre, your Odeon, one of many.
-Aja Monet